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Passion and technique in service of good things

I have always believed in good things, in passion and in a love for quality. My sweets have no secrets.

Since 1979, there has been a place in Naples where chocolate is a unique experience. Ours is the story of a family, and it began in the expert hands of Gennaro, Master Pastry Chef and still today the face of every creation that leaves our laboratory.

All Gennaro Bottone products combine the genuine flavor of artisanal production with quality fresh ingredients.

This is where all our products start, from our chocolates, confectionary, chocolate bars and pralines to our ice creams, frozen truffles, Easter eggs and nougat as well as baked seasonal products like panettone, pandoro and colombe.

Artisanal production that fully respects tradition and unique ingredients

Made with only fresh milk, cream and the best ingredients from around the world, the Gennaro Bottone frozen truffles will take you on a journey to discover unexpected flavors and emotions.  

This journey will involve all your senses in a surprising equilibrium that makes every bite a new experience.

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